Spray Continuous Pan (SCP®)

Crystallization consumes major portion of heat energy in a Sugar Manufacturing Process. Spray Continuous Pan (SCP®) is efficiently developed for optimizing evaporative crystallization of sugar solutions. Vertical Continuous Vacuum Pan (SCP®) offers high efficiency without any compromise on the process parameters. Multi-chambered mechanically stirred Vertical Continuous Pan has several advantages over Horizontal Continuous Pans.




Total Height 25-35 m
Diameter of Calandria 4 m
Heating Surface per Chamber 250-400 m²
No. of Chambers 4-6 Nos.
Provision for Graining 2 Bottom Chambers
Total Holding Volume 240 m³ (40 x 6)
Total Residence Time 3-24 Hrs.
Designed Heating Steam Temperature/Pressure 70-90°C/ 30-60 kPaA
Designed Outlet Vapour Temperature/Pressure 40-60°C / 8-20 kPaA
Feed Liqour Concentration 60-85 % (Total Solids)
Heating Steam Temperature 60-95°C
Temperature Difference between Boiling Massecuite and Heating Steam 5-25°C
Operating Vacuum 5-30 kPaA
Massecuite Temperature Range 35-80°C
Crystal Content Range 25-60 %
Steam Consumption on Massecuite 0.1-0.35 Ton/Ton
Distinct Features:
  • Suitable for all types of massecuites (Raw, Refined, A, B and C).
  • Operates with low pressure vapours of 200 mbar – 500 mbar.
  • Essential wetted parts in stainless steel to reduce colour additions.
  • Bottom mounted Mechanical Circulator for uniform crystal size.
  • Compact size with self supporting structure.
  • Honeycomb calandria for improved circulation.
  • Minimum Coefficient of Variation (C.V.) [28-30]
  • Liquor handling from 50 – 85% concentration due to vigorous circulation.
  • Sugar yield of Pan – 55% - 60% with 90-91% brix.
  • Chamber bypaas arrangement for CIP. Fully automated intelligent system for precise operation.
  • Flexibility of including seed pan and receiving crystallizer within the tower (optional).
  • Flexiility to operate on overflow or bottom discharge.
  • Modular chamber pre-fitted with instruments to reduce erection time.
Process Advantages:
  • Better massecuite quality
  • Improved sugar recovery
  • Improved evaporation and crystallization rates with low temperature / pressure vapours Continuous operation with online cleaning
  • Lesser hydrostatic effect
  • Provision of seed pan with uniform seeding
  • Availability for all process ranges.
Steam & Power Economy/ Energy Efficiency
Steam economy:

SCP can operate with vapours of 300mbar – 500mbar (~85 deg C) vapour bled from 3rd or 4th effect of evaporator train. Capability to operate with low temperature vapours ensures process steam economy.

Power economy:

The installed power for complete unit is around 250 - 275 kW. Less operating power required because of planetary drive circulators fitted with VFD.

Design Advantages:
  • Compact modular single tower design
  • Complete instrumentation
  • Stainless steel wetted parts
  • Light gauge self-supported structure
  • Vertical installation
Control Advantages:

The control scheme of a continuous pan is quite different from a batch type pan. SCP has all essential instrumentation that gives flawless performance.

  • Ease of operation.
  • Integration with any third party control system.
  • Provision for flow, temperature, pressure, level and consistency measurement for each chamber.
  • Process parameters control for individual chambers.
  • Fail safe provisions in case of error / failure.
  • Inbuilt historic alarms, historic trends and report generation provision.
  • Auto cleaning / rinsing cycle of valves & sensors to minimize shutdowns.
  • Individual control of vapor in and out to achieve consistent boiling.