IPR and Technology Division

SED has an exclusive IPR and Technology Division to manage and improve the quality of Research and Development. The division is dedicated to capture innovation within the organization for the protection of the Intellectual Assets and to implement the best IPR practices for the growth and development. The Company has filed various Patents, Industrial Designs, Trade Marks and Copyrights at national and international level. The details are as under:


The Company has filed total 62 numbers of Patent applications till date, out of which 16 are filed at the National (Domestic) Level, and the rest 46 applications are filed at the International level.

Total Granted Patents : 27

  • Vacuum Pan Mechanical Circulator Assembly (Bottom Mounted Circulator);
  • Improved Jet Nozzle for Multijet-Multispray Condenser;
  • Improved Distributor for Falling Film Evaporator;
  • Heat Exchanger Assembly;
  • Improved Falling Film Heat Exchanger;
  • Improved Diffuser for Cane or Bagasse;
  • Composite Header;
  • Modular Heat Exchanger Assembly;
  • Improved Mechanical Circulator Assembly;
  • Spray Modular Evaporator;
  • Cold Juice Clarification Process.
  • Utilisation of Low Grade Heat for Juice Concentration.
Improved Vertical Continuous Vacuum Pan ( SCP® ):
Patents/Utility Model for Mechanical Circulator:
  • Ukraine
  • Thailand
The patents for Improved Distributor for

Falling Film Evaporator (FFE), Heat Exchanger Assembly (HEA) and Improved Falling Film Heat Exchanger (HCT) in Pakistan

Jet Nozzle for Multijet Multispray Condenser

Industrial designs

No. of Registered Industrial Design : 27

A. Registered Industrial Designs (INDIA):
Registered Industrial Designs (PAKISTAN):
B. Filed Industrial Designs (INDIA):
  • Plate Type Evaporator
  • MVR Evaporator
  • Vertical Continuous Pan


A. Registered Trade Marks:
B. Filed Trade Marks:
  • LTEM (Class 7 and 11)
  • Paddle Vacuum Dryer (Class 7 and 11),
  • SED Logo (Class 7, 11, 37 and 42),
  • Energy Efficient Engineering (Class 7, 11, 37, 42),
  • SPRAY (Class 7, 11, 37 and 42)


A. Registered Copyrights:
B. Filed Copyright Applications
  • Spray Sugar Plant Automation & Control System,
  • Spray Electrical Dehydrator